st marys biosolids management

Town of St. Marys

Integrated Biosolids Management

Learn how the Lystek technology was integrated into the St. Marys WWTP to reduce volumes, enhance efficiencies and create a Class A biofertilizer.

City of Guelph

In 2006, a pilot study was initiated at St. Marys, Ontario to demonstrate how integration of the Lystek technology with AD and BNR systems in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) could reduce biosolids volumes while enhancing the nutrient removal process and improving biosolids quality beyond provincial standards. The pilot study exceeded performance objectives and concluded Lystek's technology had the potential to reduce net disposal volumes, increase biogas by 25%, and produce a federally registered, Class A quality, biofertilizer product.

Read the full case study to learn more about the results the Town of St. Marys realized implementing Lystek technology including:

  • Why a combined Lystek/BNR/AD strategy was implemented to upgrade the St. Marys WWTP
  • How the Lystek technology was integrated with AD & BNR systems at the treatment plant
  • How the project spared St. Marys the cost of expanding its existing biosolids storage facility