Organic Materials Recovery Center

Lystek Case Study

Learn how Southgate Township benefits from Lystek's state-of-the-art facility and the production of a Class A biofertizilizer product.

 Located in western Ontario, Southgate Township is a thriving agricultural community that contains some of the finest farmland in Canada and is now an environmental leader, after becoming home to Lystek’s state-of-the-art organic materials recovery center (OMRC). A facility that was designed, built, owned and operated by Lystek.

Read the full Case Study and learn more about the results Southgate Township experienced from the construction and operation of  Lystek’s award-winning technology including: 

  • Conversion of Class B biosolids material into a revenue-generating Class A quality fertilizer
  • Creation of 11 full time jobs for the community
  • Significant boost in new tax revenues from the first, major tenant in the Eco Park
  • How easy & affordable it can be to eliminate odors & solve biosolids management issues