City of Guelph

Biosolids Management Case Study

Learn how the City of Guelph integrated the Lystek technology into their existing plant to safely convert biosolids into a nutrient rich, saleable biofertilizer.

City of Guelph

Located in Southern Ontario, Guelph is a growing city and home to 120,000 residents. The City produces over 20,000 tonnes of dewatered biosolids every year. Due to rising wastewater treatment costs, in 2002 the City implemented a demonstration project to assess the potential of the Lystek technology. The project exceeded objectives, and in 2008 was converted to a full scale commercial application operated by City staff.

Read the full case study to learn more about the challenges, solutions and results the City of Guelph realized including:

  • What challenges the City had to address due to population growth and increasing volumes
  • How the Lystek technology was easily integrated into the City's existing wastewater treatment plant
  • How the demonstration project exceeded all objectives, resulting in full-scale deployment