Meeting Corn Nutrient Needs with LysteGro™ Fertilizer

2015 Georgian Central Soil & Crop Improvement Association Project

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 In 2015, Lystek participated in a trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the biofertilizer product, LysteGro, a registered fertilizer with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in comparison to commercial fertilizer

The project evaluated yield, grain protein content and late season stalk nitrate content of corn fertilized with 2 rates of LysteGro fertilizer.

In this Case Study, you will learn the results of the project evaluation which included:

  • LysteGro out-yielded the commercial  fertilizer treatments
  • Corn grown in LysteGro plots had a higher grain protein content than commercial fertilizer control plots
  • 75% of nitrate content in LysteGro is in organic form
  • For corn in western Ontario, LysteGro can function as a commercial fertilizer replacement
  • Increased capacity to receive and process organic material