City of North Battleford

Lystek Case Study

Learn how the City of North Battleford became the first municipality in Western Canada to adopt and successfully implement Lystek's advanced, award-winning biosolids management solution. 

 As a growing community, the City of North Battleford, Saskatchewan was experiencing odors and a variety of other issues with its historical practice of landfilling biosolids. Through the RFP process, the Lystek solution was chosen to transform the City’s wastewater treatment plant into a Resource Recovery Centre.

Read the full Case Study and learn more about the City’s experience in implementing Lystek’s award-winning technology to solve its challenges including: 

  • How & why the Lystek solution was selected
  • How Class B biosolids are now being converted into a revenue-generating, Class A quality fertilizer
  • How easy it is to train operators and maintain this simple, proven solution
  • How easy & affordable it can be to eliminate odors & solve biosolids management issues