Township of Centre Wellington

Lystek Case Study

Learn how Centre Wellington took advantage of a wastewater plant upgrade to convert its biosolids waste into a nutrient-rich, saleable biofertilizer.

CTR Wellington Case Study  In 2012, the township of Centre Wellington approved a  $21.2 million project to expand its wastewater treatment plant in Elora, Ontario. The comprehensive project included modifications to its main pumping station and a host of other upgrades including a plan to convert the plant into a Resource Recovery Centre. 

Read the full case study to learn more about the challenges that had to be overcome and the solutions Centre Wellington was able to implement including: 

  • Why the Lystek solution was pre-selected
  • How the new plant design was able to solve biosolids storage challenges
  • How Class B biosolids are now being converted into a revenue generating, Class A quality fertilizer
  • How easy it is to train the operators and maintain this simple, proven solution